These practical workshops take place throughout the year and can be run as 4 consecutive days, or 1 day a week, or month. Through focused exercises, I show you how to explore techniques and processes that will enable you to build a sustained and inspired life drawing practice. Not only will you learn to approach figure drawing from a place of pure observation and response, but you will be to take the skills and processes learned here into every other aspect of your art-making. The course is structured so that each workshop day builds progressively from the previous one. To find out more about these workshops click here:


I currently teach a series of courses online, from digital art to mastering charcoal drawing. All of these couses are hosted on Udemy. To enrol, use these links for your discounted rate:

Learn to Draw & Paint in Photoshop

Storyboard for Film & Animation I

Storyboard for Film & Animation II